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'fcuk' update

I pretty much never read the paper, but today I happened to pick up The Tennessean for some reason, and found this on the editorial page:

Company responded to customer's concerns

To The Editor:

Recently, I received an insert in a Hecht's mail-out that was advertising a perfume. The name of the perfume had a vulgar connotation. I could not believe that a reputable store would handle such a product. I wrote the headquarters when I received it and asked them to stop sending their mail-outs to me.

When my letter was received, a lady from Hecht's called and apologized for offending me. She said that Hecht's had received many complaints about the advertisement and was discontinuing selling that product in this region. I appreciated the call, and I was also happy to see the ad that Hecht's took out in The Tennessean, "Nashville, you talked and we listened." (Sept. 16)

We've come to a time when decent people have to start speaking out. We have to stop being fearful of being called narrow-minded.

Yes, I am narrow-minded about some things and proud of it. I will not compromise my beliefs and morals in order to be politically correct.

Faye McKee
Hermitage 37076
[faye's e-mail address elided]

I moseyed over to Hecht's myself today to have a look-see, and sure enough, the displays I wrote about earlier are gone.

MAN. I thought the perfume itself was pretty dumb, but this is even worse! Now I want to go out and buy a case of the stuff! Apparently I have compromised my beliefs and morals in order to be politically correct!
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