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In our previous episode, I was working for a company in Colorado on a simple HTML wrapper app, which on the whole seemed too good to be true. It wasn’t. All the money I was promised has made its way into my bank account, and then some. Since the original project was completed, my contact at the company has had me implement a few new features, submit the first app to Apple’s review process, and start a second app based on the same code base. I guess everybody gets lucky once in awhile.

Every time we’ve negotiated for what I’m going to get paid, he always says “yes” to my first offer. So it feels like I’m leaving money on the table. In fact, one time he not only said “yes,” but also tacked on a 500 buck bonus, because I had completed the allotted tasks so quickly. Going forward, I’m keeping track of my time, which we’ve established is worth 75 bucks an hour. I invoice him whenever the balance gets fairly high.

Holy cow. This is far and away the best contract job I’ve ever had. Out of all my contract bosses, this guy is by far the easiest to get along with. And he found me, so I had to expend zero effort to get the ball rolling.

I often think he’s making somewhat short-sighted decisions, which I occasionally try to talk him out of, typically without success. His apps are ugly and boring. But given all the other stuff that’s going right, who cares?

The only down side of this job is that it’s almost over. He plans to release a veritable army of apps, all exactly the same as the first, except for the HTML page that gets loaded. And occasionally he needs a new feature or two. So it will provide me with a trickle of income for a long time to come.

Today, I had a Skype call with a new company that wants me to do some work for them. These guys are in the U.K. My new contact has the most beguiling British accent. He is claiming that they have enough work that it might keep me employed nearly full-time.

Once again, this was a lead that just fell into my lap, without any intervention on my part. I asked how they found me, and was told that somebody in their office googled up my website and liked what he saw. Holy crap. How can I make that happen more often?

I’m also talking to a guy in Toronto who is starting a social-oriented app for casual athletes, which they will use to get together and have pickup softball games and tennis matches and so on. He sounds like a real go-getter, and he’s gotten a lot of stuff to go right for his company so far. Now he’s trying to attract a technical team to implement his vision. He doesn’t have any money yet, so this would be for equity only. I’m willing to do that sort of project every now and then, if it seems like I’m working with people who know what they’re doing.
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