Jøhnny Fävòrítê (johnnyfavorite) wrote,
Jøhnny Fävòrítê

hope springs eternal

I haven’t had much luck convincing A-level employers that I would be a good fit for them. I’ve had pretty good luck going directly to consumers, however. Here’s a review I got the other day for my iPhone/iPad card game:
Being a serious Hearts player, I was looking for a good app so I bought and tried them all. This may be the best of the lot. You need to tweak it up, set it for fast play and the robot skills to best. I’d like the author to devise a way to choose the cards by using a fan system like the one created by one of the other Hearts game authors, Cliff Maier. The cards are very small in portrait, only slightly better in landscape. I’d also like to see a setting (double click the 3 selected pass cards) to bypass the pass and accept choices. Those of us, and there are lots, who play literally thousands of games, play very fast and don’t want to bothered dragging fingers or pressing buttons. Double clicking is the best way and this app, except for that function, excels in speed. This seems to be lost on most of the other hearts authors who have tried to make their games pretty and adhere to the drag and drop features. The author should also give us a way to change the backgrounds ... boring! Also choose a clearer font for the board info please for we older folks. I didn’t test the network version of this. Good effort and money well spent in my view.
At its peak, this game was making me about a thousand bucks a month. It is currently still bringing in about 400 a month, despite having no updates for over six months.

I’ll take whatever contract work I can get, of course. But I’m going to spend the rest of my time working on my card game. There is enough work here that I could turn this into a career, if it made enough money to support me. I can make the robots better. I can add Game Center integration for multiple players. I’m most of the way finished with a Mac version, which I could put on the upcoming Mac app store. I could create another, similar app for a different card game without too much work. The hardest part would be creating a robot that can play, for example, Spades.

Oh god, tell me I’m not doing this again.
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