Jøhnny Fävòrítê (johnnyfavorite) wrote,
Jøhnny Fävòrítê


it started raining outside, which lasted for only a minute or two. it made me happy. i don’t like direct sunlight very much. so unforgiving.

apparently, i’ve broken up with my best friend in nashville. i feel weird about this. i know i’m going to have to initiate at least a partial mending of the situation eventually, for a bunch of reasons: he has no idea why what he’s doing doesn’t suit me, he’s a valuable friend to steph also and i don’t want her to be in that position, etc. i thought i was making progress, but apparently i’m still not very good with people.

i have a love-hate relationship with my job. i am one of the company’s most valuable employees. i enjoy being responsible for stuff, and getting things done. there are so many ugly details i take care of entirely on my own, without anybody else having to worry about them. i am doing as much work as any other two or three people there, without killing myself or feeling inordinately stressed. i just make lots fewer mistakes than most, and therefore spend very little time redoing things. and i’m good at amplifying my abilities with the power of computers, by writing scripts and small programs to do the boring repetitive stuff. but man, are they ever driving me nuts. if only i had a little more space, so i could shut them out when i need to.

i still love my iphone. far and away the best consumer electronics item i’ve ever owned. the new ipods apple recently announced are also cool. i love how steve jobs has made them seem related, like they are all part of a big family. unlike some people, i am not at all upset by the iphone price cut. it’s still worth 600 bucks to me. i’d pay that much again, in a heartbeat. now that there is an unofficial programming toolchain for the iphone, i’m thinking about writing some programs of my own that will run on it.

sometimes, in the quiet of my own head, i can feel the structure of things in a way that is so gratifying it’s almost painful.
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