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Jøhnny Fävòrítê


Jens Alfke: “Everything looks good on that screen. It’s not a screen. It doesn’t have pixels! The images are just sitting there glowing on the surface of the eerily unscratchable nanofabricated synthetic-diamond glass. It’s beyond lickable; you kind of fall into it. I spent easily 90 minutes today just watching YouTube videos, because they look so much better on that screen and in H.264 (and because the native UI is so much smoother than YouTube’s website).”

John Gruber: “The high resolution screen is gorgeous. Helvetica has never, ever looked so good on screen. Everything is very fast, very responsive. When you drag something — whether it’s the slider button to unlock the phone, a zoomed-in photograph, or a web page — the drag keeps up with your finger. I haven’t found a single element of the iPhone UI that doesn’t feel super-snappy.”

Steven Frank: “The iPhone’s noteworthy not just because of what it does, but because of what it doesn’t do — namely, all the irritating shit that encumbers every other smartphone OS. The only time the iPhone frustrates is when you think of something it could do, but doesn’t — yet. Kudos to everyone involved. It’s an industry-changing product, and I would never say that lightly.”

Bruce Tognazzini: “Traditional cell phones are dull, limited, and at end-of-life. iPhone is glorious, and it is only the beginning.”

John Siracusa: “Apple needed one thing in order to get the iPhone off the ground: a carrier. The carriers needed about eighty-billion things to even come close to producing something like the iPhone, not the least of which was the ability to clearly see how awful their existing offerings were. Apple got its carrier, and the carriers got precious little beyond that moment of clarity. Sure, short term, AT&T gets a big bump in contracts. But long term, the carriers will get to sit back and watch as Apple absorbs every remaining shred of value in the market.”

I told Steph I'd wait until she got here to buy one. My resolve is slipping ...
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