Jøhnny Fävòrítê (johnnyfavorite) wrote,
Jøhnny Fävòrítê

centennial park

this was my last day of freedom before i have to go back to work. last week, some coworkers and i walked over to centennial park for a bit. it’s only about a mile away from our office. it was fun, but they were in too much of a hurry for me, so i went back today, by myself. it was a little too cold for me, around 50 degrees, but it was otherwise an enjoyable trip.

i parked at my office, because i don’t know the area very well. i walked to nola’s first, a new orleans styled restaurant that opened up a couple of months ago.

jambalaya jambalaya
i’m having the jambalaya at nola’s. it’s pretty good
the acorn the acorn
a restaurant near my building. i’ve walked by here many times, but it never seems to be open. maybe they only serve dinner?
parthenon parthenon
view of the parthenon, from the front. if you’re not from around here, i bet you didn’t know that nashville has a full-size replica of the parthenon in athens, did you? i haven’t been inside in many years, since long before i moved here, but i remember it being pretty impressive. and it’s in much better shape than the real parthenon, of course.
fighter plane fighter plane
a retired jet on a stand in the park
locomotive locomotive
apparently, centennial park is making a little extra money on the side by storing obsolete transportation artifacts.
waterway waterway
view of the waterway that runs through the park
another view another view
hello, i’m in the park
geese geese
there’s lots of them
platform platform
a big, round, cement slab, near the center of the park
geese geese
my boss and his wife made a bunch of loaves of bread, and gave them to everybody in our department as christmas presents. it was a nice gesture. i ate some of mine, then gave the rest to these geese. i suck.
cement boat cement boat
omg omg i’m driving a cement boat through the park! i sure hope no wacky hijinx ensue.
parthenon, side view parthenon, side view
i’m on my way back to the office at this point.
american center american center
this is the office complex where i work.
american center american center
on the path to my office
construction construction
this is a building that is going up next to the office where i work. you can’t swing a dead cat in this town without hitting a construction project. we must be poised for monumental growth around here.

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