Jøhnny Fävòrítê (johnnyfavorite) wrote,
Jøhnny Fävòrítê

rhythm of time

well. i have been “tagged” by boigrrrlwonder, who i have known online for many years now, since she was a wee little thing. so what the heck, here we go:

“Write 7 random facts about yourself, then tag 7 people to do the same.”

1. my lucky number is 27. important things tend to happen to me on the 27th of the month, i had the best experience of my life so far the year i was 27, and so on.

2. i see myself in photos and think: that’s not the face i want to present to people. too grumpy and withdrawn.

3. i lost my virginity on my 22nd birthday exactly, around 11:30pm. a late bloomer, i know.

4. i have a tendency to dig up people from my past. i once got back in touch with an ex-girlfriend i hadn’t talked to in 21 years.

5. i had severe asthma attacks as a child. i had to be hospitalized for it a few times. then i just grew out of it.

6. i think cancer is the body’s way of telling you that you’re screwing up. i don’t think there will ever be a cure for it. if such a cure is found, something far worse will spring up in its place.

7. i am alternately repelled and attracted by religion. i often feel that there is another world, just barely outside my ability to perceive it. i want to believe, but then i wonder if my wanting to believe is keeping me from thinking objectively about the subject.

i am tagging hohum, vanillaivy, minthoney, billyj, ellipsedream, sofiebgoode, and because i haven't seen her post in awhile, thykarmabenill.
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