Jøhnny Fävòrítê (johnnyfavorite) wrote,
Jøhnny Fävòrítê

under the big red sky

on friday morning i was standing in the garage of the local toyota dealership, trying to get my poor neglected car worked on. in the last few days the alignment had gotten so far out of whack that the poor thing felt like it was limping, the front end wobbling back and forth at low speeds. the guy at the desk was being all apologetic, because he’d earlier quoted me 80 bucks for an alignment, and now he was trying to sell me 400 bucks’ worth of new tires. based on his body language, i could well imagine the usual reaction he gets to this kind of “upsell.” i confounded his expectations by saying “sure, i can do that.”

isn’t it funny when people can’t break out of deeply ingrained habits? i’d already said “yes,” and then he went on to explain to me what a good deal this was, how they were really good tires, etc. trying to sell me on the whole concept, i guess. damn dude, they’re tires, i’m not going to fall in love with them. i said “yes” already. i’ve had this particular set for over seven years, so they were overdue for replacement. i made as much money as the new tires cost on that very day, so it’s not like i can’t afford them. i don’t even care if they’re overcharging me by a hundred bucks or so, it’s not worth my time to find out. i only have so much mental energy to go around, and i’ve got bigger fish to fry.

just then, my coworker mike showed up, ready to give me a ride to work. “hi, mike!” i said. i was honestly glad to see him. there was no doubt he’d show up, he is a very reliable guy.

i’m not sure why, but it turned into a “moment.” me, the service manager still busy trying to sell me tires i’d already agreed to, and my coworker mike. it seemed to drag on forever.

there have been a bunch of moments like that lately. like everything around me has just fallen into perfect cosmic alignment, holds that pose for an abnormally lengthened second, and then it’s back to the usual noise and chaos that makes up a typical day.

i am now well and truly in love with my cellphone. it has its quirks, of course. for one thing, it’s got too many buttons on the edges. i am constantly pressing them by accident, which changes my ringtone, the ringer volume, or any other random thing. every now and then it won’t take a charge, claiming it’s already fully charged when it isn’t, but i can fix that situation by removing the battery and putting it back in. and i am forever getting my face grease on the screen, so i have to windex it a lot.

a couple of weeks ago i was using my cellphone for a conference call, and i could barely hear the other participants. so i turned all the volume levels up as high as possible, and asked if they could hear me okay. they all said “yes,” and in fact i might be a little too loud. heh. sometimes i am the alpha dude.

the other day a different coworker called me to try to set up a lunch date. through the magic of caller id and my overstuffed address book, his name showed up on the external screen as the phone was ringing, so i knew it was him. i’d been speaking to him just five minutes earlier, he was calling only because he didn’t know where i was right then. i wanted to high-five him for utterly appropriate use of technology. but he and i have this severe mock rivalry going, he lets me goof on him harder than anybody i’ve ever known, and it wouldn’t have been in character for the “me” i’m showing him.

some things are bound to happen. voids will be filled, whether you work at filling them or not. i have finally got some forward momentum going, and external forces are working in my favor.
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