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Jøhnny Fävòrítê

how much for the baguette?

Motorola RAZR V3c cell phone

The Motorola RAZR V3c, the first consumer product I’ll be adding to my busy on-the-go lifestyle.

today i needed to make some calls that i couldn’t make at work, so i walked to the italian restaurant next door. it has an elaborate dark old-world oaken entryway. a hostess was seated behind a desk. “do you have a pay-phone in here?” i asked. “no, i don’t think we do,” she said. “okay, thanks” i said, as i turned to leave. “but you can borrow my cell phone,” she said, holding it out. “really? thanks!”

i sat on a big overstuffed couch as i made my calls. i found myself falling in love with the hostess’ phone. i finished up and it clicked shut with a satisfying “snap,” showing a little bit of its screen through a window. i was intrigued enough to open it back up again. it has nice shiny silver buttons. i started pushing them to see what i could get it to do. the user interface is not as cool as it would be if apple designed it, but it’s pretty good nonetheless.

i really didn’t want to give it back. “where did you get this?” i asked her, holding up the phone. she said her provider gave it to her as part of her contract. she was really cute, probably 25 or so, with the slightest hint of a european accent, like she might be from romania or something. “did you go to a store here in town?” i asked. “no, i ordered it online.” “so they mailed it to you?” “yes, it only took a couple of days. go to cingular.com, look around and you’ll find it.” i might have asked her more questions, but she was constantly getting calls from people trying to make reservations. i listened to her talking to potential diners for a minute, then i got up to leave. “you have a nice day now,” she said. “you too.”

here i am re-entering the world, after my years-long self-imposed exile.

i did some googling, and it looks like i can sync my mac’s address book to it via bluetooth, and that’s about the only feature i care about. i want one. i tried to follow the hostess’ instructions, but cingular.com says the RAZR is “temporarily out of stock.” i should probably wait until i get that first paycheck in the bank, anyway.
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