Jøhnny Fävòrítê (johnnyfavorite) wrote,
Jøhnny Fävòrítê

born slippy

i got the presents i will take with me to minnesota in the mail today. i forgot i actually enjoy buying presents, for people who are nice to me. i’m not trying to be cryptic. i’ll write all about it, once it happens.

in the same pile of boxes: two new kraftwerk records. i can’t believe i hadn’t heard about them before now. okay, i have basically opted out of life for awhile, but damn. when new kraftwerk records come out, i ought to just know, in the same way i can tell when i’m hungry. am i going to listen the hell out of these records? that’s one of those “is the pope catholic”-style questions. it’s easy to do, because those stubborn old krauts always edit and polish and tweak and sand down rough edges and re-edit and re-polish ad infinitum until they’ve got material that's as smooth as a pebble that’s been in a creek for a hundred years. which is about how long it takes them to release a new record.


i love how kraftwerk makes songs out of the most ridiculous premises. typical kraftwerk lyrics:
i am walking, walking, walking
i use my left foot, then my right
both feet land on the pavement
shoes make a sound
klick, klick
walking, walking, walking
i swing my arms
also, blood is circulating
100 over 70
i am a mammal
i am composed of cells
can i be any more boring?
i don’t think so
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