Jøhnny Fävòrítê (johnnyfavorite) wrote,
Jøhnny Fävòrítê

you used to call me sunshine

i was in miami recently, to see a couple of ecuadorians. i made them take me by my old neighborhood in coral gables, where i used to spend so much time walking around.

i saw the woman who cut my hair every month for the five years i lived there. ironic, then, that the first thing she said to me was: "you cut your hair!" yeah, i did. it used to be really long, for eight or nine years, then i cut it all off. when i was living in california, in 2001.

i found it kind of disturbing that she had been holding on to that image of me, "the long hair guy," that was four years out of date. if only all such incorrect images were so easily dispelled.

it's still up in the air as to whether i'll be returning to miami or not. i'm not holding my breath.
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