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born under punches

i am generally against live albums. the production values are shoddy, the sound quality is poor, the crowds are annoying, the band often lets the adulation go to their heads. i can't stand the typical "hello, cleveland!" stage banter.

there are exceptions, of course. japanese bands tend to have hilarious stage banter. they are almost always uncomfortable. their demeanor says they wish they could all shrivel up and die. "hi, i am very sorry we are taking up your precious time, so sorry, but we are going to play our song now. stupid, stupid, song." if the crowd really loves them, they don't understand. their attitude is all like "what is going on here? is there some other band they are reacting to?" i love that about asians. they have no ego at all. they don't even understand the concept.

the reason i have stop making sense is that a former girlfriend gave it to me. i had not yet told her about my strict no-live-album policy. when i opened the present she gave me, she said "i looked through your cds and this was the only heads record you didn't have." how thoughtful! so i couldn't very well be all snotty and tell her why i didn't have that record, could i? so not only hadn't i told her about my no-live-record policy, i was now forbidden from ever telling her.

i guess i've eased up a bit since then. i'm still not crazy about live albums, but i'll usually buy them if they're from bands i consider important, and i've already got all the studio albums.

back in the vinyl era, when i spent a lot of time in record stores, i often picked up a copy of the name of this band is talking heads, gave it a once-over, and put it back. warner brothers never released it on cd for some reason. recently, rhino dusted it off, added a bunch of important tracks that didn't make it onto the original, and released it. i bought it, because in my world, bands don't get much more important than the talking heads.

right now i'm listening to it for the fifth time. good record! record love you long time! the audio quality is excellent, the band is in fine form, the audience is barely perceptible, david byrne is his usual quirky self. i'd be glad i got it even if it wasn't so good, because i like listening to heads records, but i can't very much. i've heard them too often. they're so thoroughly drilled into my brain that i can't help filtering them out, as if they were background noise. slightly different phrasings here and there means my brain can't ignore them.

as long as i'm on the subject. the best live album of all time is stereolab's abc music. stereolab is an acquired taste, not easily grokked by outsiders. abc music adds a lot of warmth and immediacy to their usual sound. it goes a long way towards rectifying the things that make the band seem impenetrable. it's the first and only record i've ever heard where i prefer live versions of the songs to their studio counterparts.

there are those people who will listen to music, and have a mild positive reaction to it, but don't feel strongly enough about it to seek it out for themselves. once i was talking to someone who told me there's an aphasia-like mental disorder that prevents some people from being able to process music, but i am unable to google up anything meaningful about it. woe be to them. i am finding myself increasingly squicked by the artificiality present in most consumable art forms, but i don't think that's ever going to happen between me and music. it touches some primal part of my being that no other type of art can reach.

sorry, i know i've been crap for updates lately. it's a shame too, because i've got at least two thousand words' worth of half-completed entries lying around. they're all stories i really should tell, too, before i forget them. sometimes i read an account of something i wrote years ago, about an event that happened years before that, and i will have forgotten more of it since the telling. and it's not like reading about it "reminds" me, either. it's more like what i'm left with is a memory of a memory.

i still read everything that shows up on my friends page, though. what a lot of beautiful messes you people are creating!
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