Jøhnny Fävòrítê (johnnyfavorite) wrote,
Jøhnny Fävòrítê

let's do this like brutus

We're about to have company in the house, and although I don't have anything specific I have to do, because I'm lazy, it's putting me off my feed. I won't be able to concentrate well enough to write an actual entry today. (It's not like I did yesterday either, or the day before. But I digress.)

I wish I wasn't so susceptible to "reverse feedback." When iTunes3 got that newfangled "play count" field I thought it was totally cool. Now I'll be be able to keep track of exactly how obsessed I am over any particular piece of music! Yay! What actually happened is that the feature has made me its bitch. I organize my playlists by artist, and I noticed that many of them had the exact same play count for all tracks. Look at that, I've been through the Photek catalog exactly eight times! So my natural urge to impose order on chaos is making me square up all the other playlists as well. Right now I'm listening to Stereolab, but only the tracks that have been played three times. I'm turning all the threes into fours. The highest play count in the list is five, so in two plays I'll have it squared up. Obviously random play is now right out, as that would screw up everything. And I can't decide what to do about the dozen or so tracks I got totally obsessed with at one time or another and drove the play count up to 80 or more. No way is the artist's entire catalog getting up to that number.

"Truths do have a way of inspiring angst in humans." -- Topato Potato

If those cows really wanted to live, they'd secrete something useful, like heroin. -- Layo Lehmann
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