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don't you suspect that male heterosexual ladybugs tend to have, um, "gender identity issues?" i bet every time they go into a bar and order a beer, the bartender is all like "well well well, lookit the big macho 'LADY' bug! nice jaunty orange polka-dot wing covers you got there, pal! you want me to decorate your beer with a nice little paper parasol? HAW HAW HAW!"

yeah, i bet guy ladybugs get tired of that.

speaking of bugs! for some weird reason nobody can figure out, we have NO cicadas in this county. there was an article in the paper about it recently. a guy dug around in the dirt underneath the trees in his yard where he'd seen a bunch of the brood x bugs 17 years ago, but found no trace of them. a biologist speculates they may have inexplicably changed to the 13-year cycle and emerged more or less unnoticed several years ago. the article ends with an appeal for anybody who sees a cicada to contact the county extension office. that's right: A cicada. singular.

i suspect ellipsedream would consider this bad news, while chandrax93 would consider it good news. only two people have mentioned them on my friends page, one staunchly pro-cicada, the other adamantly anti-cicada. go figure.

in other critter news, we don't have any hummingbirds, either. i put out the feeder, the sugar water level didn't move a millimeter, and i finally had to throw it out. dang. others have reported they've got plenty of them on barkley lake, but apparently none near percy priest lake, which is the one you can almost see from our back yard. elitist bastard birds.

the only decent writing i've been doing on lj lately has been comments on hohum's blog, inspired by my surprise at learning that she has inexplicably moved to wichita, where i spent most of my life. well, i'm sure it's plenty splicable to her, it's just ME who isn't splicationizable.

i'm sure you're wondering how i developed such a formidational vocabulary.

in honor of hohum moving there, i've been typing up some of my kansas stories. it's taking me forever, because i tend to be a bit heavy on the verbositudinosity even when the situation doesn't call for it, and in this case i've got twenty years' worth of material to choose from. i guess i'll just keep typing until i run out of words, then edit the best stuff into two or three entries. i'm sure you're all dying to read more examples of my humorizationalisms and levitatiousness.

sorry i haven't been around much, but all my brainal eminizations are getting poured into my programming project from hell, which simply will not lay down and die. i still read everything that shows up on my friends page, though.

happy trails, everyone. be sure to have lots of exciting adventures so i can live vicarously through you until i can move out of this backwater. thankyoulizations.
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