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Tuesday, August 1st, 2006
8:13a - yep, it was me.
if you are:

1. on my friends list;

2. actively using your lj and have posted in the last six months;

3. don’t already have a paid account;

then i just bought you a year’s worth of paid time. yes, i made them mostly anonymous, when i remembered to check the box, because i wanted to see if and when anybody reads this.

is there a method to my madness? well, i would think so, wouldn’t i?

i hereby declare august 1 to be “orange you glad you are on johnnyfavorite’s friendslist day.”

if i didn’t get you yet, hang on a bit. lj just told me that i’m charging stuff too fast. they’re afraid i’ll burn a hole in my credit card, i guess.

EDIT, AUGUST 2 well. this experiment has generated far more goodwill than i would have thought possible, given the meager amount of money i spent.

i did this because i was having a conversation with vanillaivy about whether it’s a good idea to unexpectedly buy things for others or not. sadly, i was arguing that it’s not generally advisable. now i think she was more right than i was. i believe she is on a road trip right now, and is unable to observe the results.

this episode has given me an interest in looking for holes in the universe that might be filled with one or two hundred bucks, to everyone’s benefit.

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