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life during wartime

uh oh, it's the dreaded "blogger lapse!" this is the longest i've ever gone without updating since i started this thing six months ago.

okay, let's see. i went to georgia and saw some relatives over christmas. most family situations stir up strange stuff from the past that i wasn't expecting to think about, and that trip was no exception. i had to leave several days earlier than i planned to, because i'd had enough. maybe i'll write about it.

having said that, boy do i ever hate christmas. every year, the whole month of december is pretty much shot. neither of my partners has been willing to climb in weeks. i would have tried to get into grade school volunteering by now, but i can just imagine the responses i'd get, to the tune of "sorry, the person you need to speak with isn't really doing anything right now, because he's using the excuse that 'it's the holidays'." so i'm waiting until everybody goes back to work.

earlier i wrote this about the talking heads and the guy who wrote a book about them, and now i am 200 pages into that book. david bowman is surely the most annoying writer on the face of the planet. he's all like "look at me, i am writing airy spare haiku-like prose! often, i throw in short sentence fragments. like this one. shows how cool i am. and i'm uncovering all these amazing stories! it really 'makes you think' about what a strange world we live in, doesn't it?" as a matter of fact, it 'makes me think' that 80 percent of his anecdotes are made-up. either the people bowman interviewed made them up and he did no fact-checking, or else bowman himself made them up to illustrate what a "quirky" band he's writing about. either way, his writing stinks to high heaven.

but i really want to read about the talking heads. it's a good story, without the fabrications. so i'm trying to peer around bowman's ridiculous "quirky" details to see whatever it is that really happened. i've got a fairly complete set of heads CDs, but i haven't listened to them for years, so i sucked them all into itunes and got reacquainted. good grief, the heads really WERE that good, weren't they. i guess i stopped listening to them purely due to oversaturation, because i can't get more than a few seconds into any track without having vivid memories of what is going to happen next.

here's one pleasant thing i've learned from the book so far: many of the good ideas came from people other than david byrne and brian eno. the album title "more songs about buildings and food" for instance, that was tina's idea. the records tina and chris made as tom tom club were further proof that those two weren't just byrne's rhythm section, they are capable of much more.

unfortunately, i don't think i'll be around much in the blogosphere for awhile. i'll continue to document each and every trip i make the the climbing gym i suppose, assuming my slacker partners ever shake themselves out of their unseemly holiday funk, and i'll write about grade school volunteering when i get into that. but most of my time spent in front of computers is going to go towards finishing my big beos/macosx programming project. my original plan for getting the hell out of this awful state fell through, so i have to go back to work in earnest. predictably, i can't program without writing about it, but i'm not going to put that kind of essay here, which i've come to think of as an outlet for more social-oriented stories. but if you're in the mood to read my geeked-up programming stuff, you can check out my newsgroup, alt.internet.talk.haven. when i get to a point where i can move back to california, then i'll be in the mood to blog, my dearies.
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