Jøhnny Fävòrítê (johnnyfavorite) wrote,
Jøhnny Fävòrítê

hello, i'm a cliché

so here i am in bongo java, a cyber-cafe on the edge of belmont college, an institution i didn't know existed until a few minutes ago. i am drinking a latte and eating a bowl of fruit while typing into my powerbook. i'm so cool i'm hurting myself!

when i flipped open my laptop and it woke from sleep, the airport monitor in the menu bar did a little dance, such was its delight at finding itself hooked up to a wireless access point. it's called BONGOJAVA@BUTLER.NET. the signal strength meter is almost pegged at the max. web browsing is s00per-fast, at least as fast as when i'm at home and hooked up to the cable modem. d00d, this is the way to compute.

this place is really cute. it looks like this building used to be a regular house, which they've converted into a cafe. a few feet away from here is a former fireplace, which is now bricked up and has a couch in front of it. they're playing college-radio-type music that doesn't make me gag. it's full of youngsters who haven't yet lost their idealism. good vibes here.

holy CRAP, folks! this place is POWERBOOK CENTRAL! just as i thought: college kids are generally TOO COOL to use windows. the guy at the table on my right has an older g3 model, the one that had the codename "pismo," which i confirmed with a visit to apple-history. the girl at the table on my left has a late-model aluminum powerbook like mine, except it's the smallest 12-inch model. she let me look at the screen and give it a heft. i thought it would be lighter than mine, but if it is, the difference is too small for me to detect. okay, some kid with a windows laptop just showed up, but he's still vastly outnumbered. whoa, incoming! a new guy in the back has another aluminum powerbook, this time it looks like a 15-incher. that means every current model is represented right here in this cafe. MY PEOPLE.

the more time i spend in front of this laptop, the more i like it. one disadvantage of macosx is that fonts and window decorations and other ui elements are too big, which means you need a monstrous amount of screen real estate to use it. and a monstrous amount is exactly how much i've got. this computer kicks so much ass.

i'm a little bit envious of these kids. when i had my shot at higher education, i was too screwed in the head to enjoy it. so there you go, eatthepudding: if i ever get too sanctimonious for you, you can always go "ah ha ha at least i didn't drop out of college on three separate occasions, L00Z4R." except you wouldn't use numeral-infested l33tsp33k, would you. oh well.

all right, i've finished my second latte, the place is emptying out, and i don't expect i'm going to think of anything more to write about. i guess i'll sit here web-browsing until my battery goes dead and then head back home. peace out.
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