Jøhnny Fävòrítê (johnnyfavorite) wrote,
Jøhnny Fävòrítê

the reluctant athlete: superstar!

d00d! i, like, totally went to the climbing gym tonight! yeah, everybody was all "no WAY, you'll NEVER be able to go to the gym TONIGHT," and i was like "YES WAY!" and i like completely got in my car and drove there. i didn't run out of gas, my car didn't break down, i didn't get lost, NOTHING like that. just drove the heck out of my car and went right to the gym. so i guess i showed everybody, with how like totally heroic i am.

yeah, well. it seems like that, anyhow. i haven't heard from my next door neighbor rob in forever, and kevin has had various illnesses and injuries and calamities and snafus and such, so i think it's been almost three weeks. i was really ready to go. as i was tightening up my harness i was thinking "man, i don't even care if i get all scraped up tonight! i'm going to get completely exhausted, no matter what!"

and so i did. i didn't suffer for being away from the gym for so long. in fact i got up a lot more routes than usual. i think my lousy stamina is improving somewhat. it might have helped that i ate just before i went. i'll have to remember to do that next time.

i think it's safe to call myself a 5.8 climber now. i used to fall off more 5.8s than i completed, but tonight i made it up all of them we tried, and only fell off the 5.9s. i'm closing the gap between kevin's skill level and mine.

these climbing stories are getting way too boring and repetitive, so i'll wind it up. i've just now examined my knuckles and elbows, because i'm never aware of the injuries when they happen, and it looks like i didn't get any new ones. the closest i came to having one of those terror highs was when i missed a long reach towards a faraway hold and took a spectacular fall, which ended with me dangling from the rope nearly upside down. but it didn't freak me out at all, it was more amusing than anything. the likelihood of adrenaline highs gets increasingly remote, the longer i keep at this.
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