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hello, k1d33z! that blatant "wacky" misspelling is especially for eatthepudding! because i know how much she loves them! good on ya, mate! throw a shrimp on the barbie!

i seem to have written a few too many entries lately that feature dead people, so this time i think i'll concentrate on individuals who, for the entire duration of my narrative, manage to remain alive. for example, the talking heads. i've always believed the general prevailing wisdom about them, to wit: david byrne is a controlling autocratic nazi who wouldn't let any of the other members have any input, david ruled the band with an iron fist, david is totally crazy and nutso and impossible to work with, and so on. but according to this article, it was tina weymouth with the problem all along. like, she totally wanted david in the worst way and couldn't have him, and got tired of being eclipsed by him all the time, and was constantly scheming to remove him from the band, and stuff. jarring. especially since she married another of the heads members.

i have to admit, i love band gossip. i've spent more than my fair share of time around bands, so i feel qualified to say that they are like a big group marriage. everybody all jealous and over-sensitive and stuff. complaining about which members let real life intrude too much and didn't attend band practice. arguments over whose playing needs work, and whose songs are going to be featured, and who has gotten too big for their britches. and you're never, ever going to stop hearing about the break-ups.

the author of that article says that tina's band stories upset him so much that he rid himself of all his talking heads vinyl and CDs. he couldn't listen to the records anymore, knowing how much pain was involved for her. that's kind of weird, but i have at least a grudging amount of respect for anybody who is that hardcore. most people seem to go through life without being affected by anything, not having any strong beliefs or passions, just sort of drifting where the current of their lives takes them, never attempting anything that's all that difficult, doing whatever is most expedient. i'm a lot more impressed by people who are hellbent to accomplish something or die trying. even if it turns out to be windmill-tilting, trying and failing is more interesting than not trying at all.

the author of that article wrote an entire book about the talking heads. i'd heard of it before, but avoided it, thinking i didn't have a burning desire to know any more about the heads than i do now. but i think i'm intrigued enough to finally buy the damn thing. who would imagine that you'd write a book about a band and then wind up tossing out all their records? it's not common, but i've been in similar pandora's box situations with other bands, when i got to know a little bit more about them than i wanted to. they didn't all achieve success with nothing but inspiration and elbow grease, you know.

here we are at the end of the story, and all the former talking heads members are, in fact, still alive. have a nice day.
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