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suggestion diabolique

I am listening to the new Stereolab EP, Instant 0 in the Universe, for the ninth time. On the back of the jewel case it says "Mary, thinking about you" and it stabbed me right in the heart. (Mary Hansen, a Stereolab member for more than a decade, died in a traffic accident last year.) It's pretty good, but I'm noticing that what I thought was Laetitia Sadier's vocals overdubbed onto several tracks was partly Mary's vocals, which I am noticing due to her absence. So I guess I have to put this particular Stereolab release in the "bittersweet" category.

I was sitting on the back porch this morning and that wasn't much fun either. The hummingbirds are gone. The sugar water level in the feeder hasn't moved in two weeks, so I guess we don't even have any gimpy ones hanging around who couldn't make the trip back home. I've got half a mind to visit Central America and go see the little things.

Hummingbirds are so bold. I really loved sitting on the back porch, lost in my own reverie, and having one of them buzz so close to my face that it would scare the crap out of me. It was like being touched by the hand of God, reminding me that I've got things to do. Despite the fact that I don't really believe in God, per se.

Funny, because you do seem to believe in signs, don't you? So how do you figure that works?

I've been thinking about it. What is evolution? If you ask me, it's a way to reward certain types of behavior, and discourage others. I think it works on a behavioral level as well.

At one time in the past, there wasn't any life on this planet at all. Now there's lots of it. There's got to be some pretty complicated systems in place to make hairy stuff like that happen, one painful step at a time. Organization rising from chaos.

In other bad news, I'm at war with a latent cold. Currently it has established a beachhead in the back of my throat. If I can keep my spirits up, I'll reduce it to nothing. If the negative things crowding my mind at the moment gain the upper hand, then the cold is going to spread to my whole body. I know the choice is mine, but dang, it sure takes a lot of energy.

I was supposed to go to the climbing gym on Wednesday and Thursday nights, and both guys cancelled on me. The trips are re-scheduled, but I learned my lesson. Next time I'm not saying a word about stuff like that until after it happens.

In case anybody is keeping track, I now have four teenaged grrlz on my friends list. Two 18-year-olds, two 16-year-olds. Oh yeah, great, NOW teenaged grrlz want to befriend me! Where were you when I was a teenager myself? Oh yeah, I forgot: YOU WEREN'T BORN YET.

It just kills me that there are sentient adults who were whelped in the eighties. How is that possible? Not one of them was ever a prepubescent in the seventies, listening to the 10cc song "I'm Not In Love" on the radio, for like the thirtieth time, at the point where you realize you've more or less memorized the lyrics, and then you run through the story in your head, and then there's a moment of slitty-eyed disconnect as your tiny under-formed brain has its first try at this newfangled "thinking" thing, and then you say "Holy CRAP! I think the guy in the song really IS in love! And if that's true, then sometimes people say THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT THEY MEAN! Geesh, that certainly explains a lot, doesn't it?"

So, that's my question to you grrlz. How were you able to become sentient, fully-functional human beings without ever having That Moment? How?

Oh ho ho! Forsooth, I am certainly a rakish dandy fop, making with the tomfoolery, am I not?
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