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the reluctant athlete: all in a day's work

Ow. I might be even MORE wiped than last week. I wouldn't have thought that possible. It doesn't seem like I exerted myself as hard as last time. Seems like a cumulative thing, I wasn't yet fully recovered. I can still feel my left knee protesting that bang it got last week. I sat down to write this right after I got back from the gym and every one of my fingertips was registering pain upon contact with my cute transparent Mac keyboard. So I went right to bed instead, and slept for eight hours. Now I can type in peace.

It was hotter in the gym than it was last week, that's part of it. We're having some kind of weird fall heat wave, and they don't have adequate air conditioning in there.

There's no point going into particular detail. I had an okay but not great night, made it up some routes, got thwarted by others. I think I'll concentrate on meta-issues this week.

Kevin got into a conversation with one of the gym owners. We got an earful. It turns out that he and another climber were planning on opening their own much larger climbing gym in west Nashville. Then the owner of the current gym asked them if they wanted to take over that one as well, so they did. They're still working on the larger climbing gym also, which is scheduled to open in March. I hope to be long gone by then, so it doesn't mean much to me.

One bad thing. The gym's old point-of-sale system was run on an antique original bondi blue iMac, complete with that awful round mouse that nobody liked. They have replaced it with a (hwoark) DELL. Dell is big in this town, they have an assembly plant out by the airport. The Mac is shunted off to one side, only occasionally consulted for old account info. I'm sure they'll eventually get rid of it altogether. Heartless bastards.

Neither of the cute chyx that attempted to chat us up last week were there. I feel dumb about letting them ask us a dead-stupid question and then giving a straight answer. It was almost an insult on my part, since I've seen one of them climb a lot, and I know she has no need for us to answer her dead-stupid questions. Note to self: learn to think on feet.

It has started to weigh on me that, if I keep climbing, it's just a matter of time until I get injured. One of the few things I still frequent USENET for is to read rec.climbing, and there simply aren't any old-timers without injury stories. It almost always comes down to doing something stupid, so I could in theory avoid such a fate by always being vigilant. I bet most of them said that at one time or another.

I didn't write about it at the time, because it made me feel stupid. It was my first week back in the gym after a long absence. I was out of practice, and forgot to "double back" the buckle on my harness. I came down off of my third route or so and noticed something felt weird. I had a look and discovered that most of the waist belt had worked its way out of the buckle. Only about an inch to go and it would have come loose. Most likely at the moment of greatest stress, like when I fell on it.

Whee! There's my first-ever mistake that could have ended up fatal! Okay, I probably wouldn't have died from a 20-foot fall, but breaking a leg would be almost mandatory.

I feel like I'm more of a sailor at heart, anyway. I've read several sailing books in the last year or two and they always strike a nerve. They have such deep traditions. Hundreds of years of lore to draw from. If I can ever get out of this land-locked state and live someplace warm, I'm going to take up sailing as my primary form of exercise.

I ate before going to the gym, because I know from experience that exerting myself on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster. When I got home I didn't eat a single thing, and this morning I've had only about three ounces of leftover pasta salad. Now I'm full again.

Here I am practically killing myself and it's still not enough for me to be more hungry than usual? How does it make any sense that your body gets MORE efficient at processing food once you get past the age of 35 or so? Is it because of all the practice? (HAR. I made a funny joke.)

This is why people get fat at around my age. They need less food than they used to, but they still keep eating as much as they always have, out of habit. All the more reason to eat only when you're hungry, not just because it's mealtime, and to stop as soon as you're full. I'm only ten pounds over my high school weight and that's as heavy as I'm ever going to get. Doubters would perhaps like to make a small wager with me on this issue.
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